Foreign Objects

A lot goes on day-to-day in our world, and to keep up with everything is almost impossible. Whether its keeping up with the news, sports, technology, our family, the neighbors, theres just not enough time in the day to stay in the know on all subject matters. I think thats what fascinates us so much here at loaded paranormal, that how much stuff goes on our planet that we just can’t keep up with. So we want to keep you fresh on some of these topics, so you can focus on your life, your family, some news (don’t believe too much of what they say), and whatever else you like, and then catch up with us as we give you some information your probably missed out on.

We have a good one today for some of you that, share the same hunch that we do, that something has to live beyond earth. Were not alone in our beliefs and many signs point to an increased belief in extraterrestrial presence by the greater public. But beliefs are one thing, and irrefutable evidence is another, and thats what we hope to bring you – irrefutable evidence. While you have been working away and keeping up with your favorite sports team some pretty fascinating findings have been surfacing on the internet.

In this video below we will discuss an increasingly prevalent phenomenon that has been taking place in many parts of the world. People, unrelated from one another and often geographically distant from one-another are discovering strange incursions on their body. With no memory of the cut or scare, some of these people have gone to medical professionals to get some answers. Below is one of these doctors, and you will see what sort of fascinating discoveries comes of this.


With findings that suggest professional incisions, yet with no medical history to account for these incisions, and foreign material present in the body, this is truly paranormal. With happenings like this occurring more and more frequently across the globe, researchers are starting ask questions that they never have before. How could foreign material be present in someone body, especially material that is foreign to this planet?

Stay with us as we bring you more of what you’ve been missing.



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