Beyond covering topics that exist beyond our current earth plane and that may never be seen by the majority of people. I additionally want to cover on the ground subject matters that we can all relate to, and don’t necessarily require our imagination. As much as the subject of extraterrestrials and off planet existence fascinates me, I still want to accommodate all my viewers, and invite a wider audience to take interest in the materials. Although we will certainly cover paranormal accounts, and controversial concepts, I want to provide tangible information that we can all use in our day to day life. I want this to be an ocean for your imagination, but also a resource for your day to day happenings.

Loaded Paranormal will vary day-to-day in material, just as we humans vary day-to-day in our personalities. We are not the same everyday and sometimes we require different things, and different thoughts to occupy our minds. One focus can become stale and eventually undesirable, so I will keep it fresh and ever-changing. Satisfying your intellect, your curiosity and your imagination. We are multifaceted beings, so what we create (Loaded Paranormal) should embody that same quality, multifaceted-ness. If your boyfriend only talked about football you would probably lose interests – and we don’t want to lose your interest.

If this blurp does not currently make sense, I think you will understand what I mean as we voyage along here.

Good Times.




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