For most of us, I think it is hard to conceptualize infinity. Something being infinite in size is almost incomprehensible. It’s hard enough just wrapping our heads around how big our planet is, but space, infinity, come on. There is no way we can quite grasp it, but I guess that makes sense. Since after all very few people publicly admit to believing in extra terrestrials, but how could you not, if you knew space was infinite. It’s like a being a fish on a reef in the ocean, and thinking there were probably no other reefs in the ocean where other fished live. In fact we had this same experience when europeans traveled to the “new world” and discovered a dark skin community already living there. With the discovery of new populations of humans not that far in our recent past, what makes us think we couldn’t come across new species in the future. Are we the only reef in space?


I think for some, the idea of the vastness of space leaves them open to the possibility of extra terrestrials, but they don’t realize how possible. Sure space is huge, but even if it weren’t infinite, scientist have already identified hundreds of habitable planets. Yes habitable planets that can bare life. These planets are right in what scientist refer to as the goldy locks zone. A space in which they are close enough to a sun where life would not freeze, and far enough from the sun so life would not fry. WIthin this zone scientist have calculated that life, similar to ours could thrive. So not only is space huge, but it already alludes to many potentials for living life to be existent beyond our planet.

So what does this mean for us? Well I imagine it means nothing. If other life forms are similar to us, then I imagine they are looking for us as well. And if they are more civilized then chances are they have already spotted us, and are waiting our social and technological development.

There are many signs that point contact already being made. Keep up with our latest posts, where will give you some mind expanding articles to think about.


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